Submission Guidelines

We would be delighted to consider your work for publication on the Cafe Aphra blog. However, please read the following points carefully and make sure that your work fits these guidelines before sending it in.

- We are looking for original work written in English from anywhere in the world.

- All writing must be entirely your own work and the source must be given for any quotations used.

- The author retains the copyright to any of their work that is posted on our blog. 

- All work should be carefully checked for spelling and punctuation before submission.

- We will consider poems in any genre, of up to a maximum of 25 lines in length. These are for inclusion in our 'Cafe Aphra Poem of the Month' series.

- We will consider pieces of flash fiction - that is to say, mini stories - of a maximum of up to 500 words in length. These can be on any subject and in any genre, but should read as a story and not just as a scene. These are for inclusion in our 'Flash Fiction Fridays' series.

- You are invited to send in a maximum of three entries per person in each category, so up to three poems or three pieces of flash fiction.

We would also be happy to take book reviews of books about the craft of writingReviews to be no longer than 400 words please, and emailed to: just the same as any other submission.

- Images are always good for illustrating an idea, theme or angle. If you have a particular image/photograph you would like to accompany your work then please send it to us (in .jpeg format) along with your submission. We reserve the right to include our own choice of image if you do not have one or we feel it is inappropriate.

- We also occasionally accept articles, interviews with authors and opinion pieces that we deem of interest to our readership. If you have an interview or similar piece, please email us to ask us if we'd be interested in publishing it.

- If your work is chosen for publication on Café Aphra we ask that you agree to post a comment on at least one other submission on the blog. Everyone enjoys feedback and we encourage dialogue between our contributors.

- We reserve the right to lightly edit your work, if necessary, before posting it on the blog.

- We accept simultaneous submissions and work that has been previously published, though you must specify where it was published, if so.

- Work is published under the name of the author or a pseudonym of their choice. We may include a mention of the author's website or blog at our discretion, but we will not mention their titles, degrees, previous publications, self-published volumes, etc. 

- Cafe Aphra is an open-minded, tolerant, creative, supportive and safe space where aspiring writers can have the opportunity to post their work, read the work of others and make comments on it. We would ask you please to respect the spirit of our blog in all your comments. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but wording is important.

- We do not accept work containing gratuitous violence, gore, explicit sex or anything that could be construed as being intended to offend.

- Abusive, rude or discriminatory comments posted onto the site will be immediately removed or will not be approved for publication.

- No proselytizing, please. We are a secular blog and although we honour all belief systems, we are not a platform for discussing religion.

- Text should be either copied and pasted into the body of an email or included in a Word document (.doc please, not .docx) attached to an email. We do not accept work in any other form except under special circumstances.

- Please send your work by email to:

We look forward to reading your work!

PLEASE NOTE that these guidelines will be subject to change over time. Please check them carefully before submitting your work.


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