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Interview with Chris Fielden

Here Cafe Aphra barista Sara Roberts interviews writer Chris Fielden about his work and the highly successful flash fiction challenges he has been running since last year.

Cafe Aphra: Hi Chris, so tell us what is your main interest as a writer, in terms of form and genre?

Chris Fielden: Dark humour. Most of the stories I write involve an element of fantasy too, but are often set in our world. So there might be a demon in London, or a zombie in Washington. I’ve always been a fan of writers with vivid imaginations – Stephen King, Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. Le Guin, Terry Pratchett and Roald Dahl to name a few – so I’m drawn towards the weird, the wonderful, the macabre and the amusing.

CA: Do you also teach creative writing? Tell us about your latest course.

CF: I’m not a teacher in the academic sense, but I have written a book called How to Write a Short Story, Get Published and Make Money. That uses my own published stories as case studies, clearly showing how all the advice in the book h…

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