The Millenium Came and Went

The millenium came and went

without a whimper; without a bang.

Satellites stayed in their orbits.

Planes continued to take off and land.

Rivers still flowed to their oceans.

Domes and steeples continued to stand.

The sun set in Maracaibo

while it rose on the beach at Da Nang.

The Markets closed for the weekend

but they opened on Monday as planned.

Jesus did not bring the Rapture.

Satan did not ope the Gates of Hell.

I missed my train to Omaha.

Other than that things went fairly well.

By J. Craig Hill


  1. Love it. Even 15 years after the fact. And, coincidentally, I have a photo of the sunrise on the beach at Da Nang (that I took from a guard tower) from 3 decades before the Millennium bug was due to devour us. Good read--clever.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for your service (even if the thanks is 45 years late.)


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