Sometimes We Kiss by R.H. Daniel


Midnight trips to deserted Buddhist temples. Cheap pasta with beautiful views. Scrawny arms to match your weak assertions of wildly unbelievable exploits. We never kiss.


Fantastical name, with fantastic stories: Your "wife", your "house", your hospital visits. Your OCD makes you a great host. You tell me you prefer silent sex. To my shame, sometimes we kiss. 

I-van I-vouldn't

A filthy message on a filthy website brings us together. A Hell's Angel/accountant with a penchant for cats and a casual approach to hygiene. As a sub you only have access to one set of lips. Sometimes you kiss.


After discovering our shared love of 90s pop culture, you charm me out of horrific period panties. A hot hipster with a serious gambling problem and a love of soft furnishings. Sometimes we kiss.

Juan Car

An incredible chef who never cooks for me. Hot and hard and fast and funny you live in a mausoleum to your grandparents and call me to cry about your dog. We don't kiss anymore. (I want my vibrator back)

Braces 1 2 and 3

Don't miss-sell yourself in your profile pics. The teeth will out. We will never kiss.


You are more Irish than Guinness. Freckly and funny you charm me in and out of bed. A fabulous father for someone else's child. Talking not kissing.

I don't know your name for the first six months. You never have credit, or battery or more than a fiver. But you always have weed and you always have time for me. We have adventures and Alhambras and sex so amazing that the neighbours complain. You disappear for weeks then pass me at the bus-stop and take my breath away. Kiss me forever.

by R.H. Daniel


  1. So much happening in such a condensed space. Exceptional word choice and a quick, jolting pace. Kudos to you, R.H. Daniel, for a finely crafted piece.

  2. First there was Grindr. It took a few years of working out how to do a straight version before heteros collectively decided, fuck it, let's get our pants off and get on Tinder. Now, as well as enjoying easy hook-ups, millennials are all facing the same conundrum: We're here to fuck, but... do we kiss? R.H. Daniel's short poem, almost a checklist in style, is a dreamy-yet-grounded, sexy-but-weary take on Tinder fuckboys and what they have to offer a woman in 2018. But for all that it's also a timeless story of panning for gold in the dirt. The author moves, in just a few short lines, all over the emotional rainbow of the experience, at times a Tracy Emin's bedroom in words, but in the end, dreaming of love.

  3. Exceptional and well written. The use of wit and sarcasm gives this piece a balanced tone. Great work!

  4. Great poem racey interesting, thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Great job

  5. Great poem racey interesting, thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Great job

  6. Another edgy, raw and gritty piece of writing from Daniel. She effortlessly draws the reader into the (waaaaay too often !) down right farcical world of dating and relationships in these technological, virtual times.
    This is a provocative piece to be praised, brave and witty.
    I look forward to experiencing the next insightful installment into the world of R H Daniel.


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