Not Yours To Keep by Fabrice Poussin

Today is the second thousandth time
I must attempt to forget, but instead
I will build you a temple
On the wallpaper of an aging soul.

Don’t go coughing again in the middle
Of a night when all sleeps, travel to
Dreamlands, neighborhoods so far away
Don’t you dare scream again at the boy.

You knew how to smile once, yesterday still
I saw you laugh with a stranger and his lettuce
A world yours, where no one was welcome
But pain, scars, punches never held back.

I want to make you laugh, long to see you
Smile behind, within, and outside all that skin
No matter the deep grooves and dried up pores
You must believe that you too deserve it a little.

You hold it to yourself like it’s yours to keep
Don’t you know you are not allowed
And the universe demands you share it all
For you too can only earn from borrowed time.

by Fabrice Poussain


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. 'I will build you a temple/On the wallpaper of an aging soul' - beautiful words.

    Alice x


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