Not Noughth Week

It's not noughth week for me
A minute mile and a decade east

Baby braced to my breast babbling
Bubbly bliss to the morning mist.

It's not noughth week for me
No rimey bike seat mark on jeans
Midas dust on shelves of everything
A blinking I on open window screen. 

In not noughth week no essay looms
Rumbling billow to be blown by breath
Fresh on the marks of a maizey margin
Pencilled thoughts that pulse past death. 

Here, a decade away, I no longer get to press reset for yet 
another noughth week.

I keep counting. 

by J.W.


  1. An enjoyable and interesting read! Not being from England and not having attended Oxford, I had to look up what noughth week was...and it made me yearn for that reset and the joy of the first few days of term. Now all us 9-to-5ers have is the New Year to reset; at least that's a sure thing! Out of curiosity, what is the meaning and origin behind noughth?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hmm I love the alliteration in this poem though I'm left unsure whether you miss student life or not. I suspect it's a yes and a no.

  3. Fantastic use of language--the alliteration and assonance hold the poem together beautifully, without being heavy-handed or overdone.


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