Where do socks go?

I lost a sock again today
That isn’t what I meant to say.
My grammar, somewhat imprecise,
Suggests I lost the same sock twice.

For though I searched (and mildly cursed),
I didn’t ever find the first.
Which antecedent must perforce
Recur before more loss (of course).

But now tautology’s set in,
I don’t know what’s the worser sin.
(Should that be which not what? I wonder),
And what about that other blunder?

Which is badder, what or worser?
More worse which or vice versa?
Nad now my spleling’s gone to cock
And all because my sodding sock

Has disappeared, but is it lost
Or just mislaid?  Has it been tossed
By careless hand to land unseen
Where vacuum cleaner’s never been?

Some dusty gap behind the door?
Or simply fallen on the floor
Between the drier and the sink
To lie in darkness?  Whadd’ya think?

Again, I lost a sock today,
But I shall have to let it lay,
Oh, here we go, should that be lie?
Please, where do socks go when they die?


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