A Bridge Too Far


"Almost." Inspector Dalgaard looked along the bridge to where dawn would arrive. "How's your coffee?"

"Terrible. Yours?"

"Same. No budget for a new machine."

"Seems we have more than one common cause." Inspector Stendahl threw the cup over the side.

"I could have you done for littering."

"It was on the Swedish side."

"Might wash up in Denmark."

"Might. See where the current takes it. Call me if you find it." They looked at the body lying across the borderline. "At least it's in one piece."

"Anyone know you're here?"

"No. Got the message, came immediately."

"Lots of paperwork if we do this together."

"Lots." Stendahl pulled out a coin. "Call."


Stendahl tossed the coin high. A gust caught it, stealing it into the night.

"The sea," Dalgaard muttered. They lifted the body over the side.

"See where the current takes it."

"Call me if you find it."

First published as the winning story for the Flashbang Contest 2014.


  1. Nohting better than a witty flash to start my day. Thank you for this. I am chortling and chuckling and if you've published a collection I will buy it.

  2. Thanks! No collection published as yet. You can, however, find some more of my stories over at https://www.pinterest.com/kevlinhenney/fiction-online/

  3. If only the detectives in The Bridge had been as sensible! Good to have witty take on Scandinoir...


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