How to post a comment

Want to comment on something but not sure how to?
It should be easy and hopefully more so with this...

Scroll down to the bottom of the post, where it should say in small letters either No comments or 3 comments, or however many comments there already are on that post. Click on this phrase. You should go through to a page with the comments on it and a small white box where you can write your own comment. Here you will need to go to the drop-down menu that says: "Select profile" and choose the profile you want to comment under.

This can be with: a Google account, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, Open ID, or just a name or URL, or as Anonymous. If you want to comment from your Google Account or blog I believe you will need to be logged into it at the time when you post your comment. 

When you're happy with your comment, press publish. You can also preview your comment before your publish it if you want to.

In theory, it should be a simple process. However, I have noticed that I have had some problems with posting comments when using Mozilla Firefox. When I changed browser and tried doing it with Safari (I use a mac) I had no trouble. So, if posting a comment is proving difficult for you I would suggest that you try using a different internet browser and see if that does the trick. ;)


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