See the man

See the man
                   flexing his muscles at mommy?

The other dumb parents love their kids
                                                             too much.
                                          A zygote split into two
that’s how alimony is born.

Inhale deep the stream of hot dog steam
Tall hand, titanic shoes
                                       That’s all that’ll be left of me
when this is over, baby
                           It’s a done deal
And I would shake your fat fingers
if you were the lawyer
                                   but you were the catalyst.

Aili Izsak-Niimura


  1. Love the fat fingers and the zygote split in two being how alimony is born. Great poem Aili, thanks for this.

  2. You have a great sense of rhythm - I can imagine how this would sound being read aloud. The poem really unfolds as you read it & I love the closing line. Well done.

  3. Thanks! I really tried to have a double narrative, a father' voice from a child's point of view. I'm glad you liked the rhythm!


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