She Said .....

An interlude
A prelude -
silent roads from A to B.
Red rivers crossing.

Threads of memories
outlines of smudged red lipstick
I’d like to tell you lies - she said.
Truth would flood my eyes.

Red rivers cross
singular pursuits
with double-barrelled names
in cheap hotels.

I leave the radio on.
Fling wide the windows
I don’t want to smell my body's decay
Or hear unanswered cries for help.
Red rivers crossed.

She mutilated me
far beyond
my life.
Please remove your fingers from the dam,
I said.

By Poppy Taylor


  1. The visual imagery in this poem is powerful. I also like the use of repetition in the 'red rivers crossing' linking with the red of the smudged lipstick.The poem intrigued me and I had to worry at it until I felt I had got it. I like poems that make me think and feel. The symmetry, starting with 'She said' and ending with 'He said', made it feel very complete and satisfying. Would like to read more....

  2. This poem both captured and intrigued me: heavy on red and loaded with womanhood. The repetition contributed to its powerful form, together with an ending that left me feeling uncomfortably satisfied. I like it a lot!


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