The Kylling

"Blunt trauma to the head. Very blunt. Aggressive, but imprecise. Unsure what weapon matches this." 

"Someone get me a decent coffee! This fast-food sewage is disgusting." Inspector Nielsen considered his coffee, the body and the forensic's observations. "You found him lying here?"

 "Yes." The KFC's manager watched one of Copenhagen's finest set out across Rådhuspladsen in search of better coffee. "Erik normally opens on Mondays. I found him at 10:00 and called 112 immediately."  

The inspector nodded. His stomach grumbled, reminded of a skipped breakfast by the 'Kylling med Bacon' poster. His gaze wandered the kitchen, resting finally on the bubbling, chicken-filled deep-fat fryer. "Cancel coffee, we're done. Arrest this man."


"Either your food is a danger to the public or you're trying to destroy evidence. It's 10:25. You open at 11:00. Frying chicken for an hour? Not even frozen chicken, the bludgeon you improvised on poor Erik here."

by Kevlin Henney


  1. so true, KFC killing forensically confoundedly

  2. Good eye by the inspector. Frying chicken that long really would be overkill.

  3. Lovely fast snap shot of a crime/solving - makes me feel rather sick to think of it.............. :)

  4. Oh, yes. Very nice and neat. I want more from you.


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