Anti-Ode to Social Media

The zeitgeist you’ve created
Is a pox of epic reach,
A free-for-all of vitriol
Via one-way posts and tweets.

Trolls and bullies lurk
Behind your anonymic walls,
Without a shred of decency
(Or any guts at all).

You abet the human tendency
To cluster into groups
Whose members feed each other
And regurgitate their tropes.

Opinions trump established facts;
Lies outshout the truth;
News that’s false gets more applause
Than news that’s backed by proof.

We can castigate each other
With a mouse-click-turned-down thumb,
And a friend is just a notch
On someone’s cyber radar gun.

by J. Craig Hill


  1. I don't do social commentary (except about my time in 'nam) but I am glad you took the time to say this--a nation divided by faux news and cyber chatter


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