Life Colours

Decades decay
Only remnants remain
Rust resists
Orange rots to brown.

Still, babies are born
When the sun shines yellow
Or under shades of midnight blue
As lovers jostle everything but touch aside
               for an indigo moment.

Grass and children grow tall
Life colours expand to red
White divides, becomes
A faint rainbow that explodes
 Inverts to grey.          .

Charcoal edges the space when children leave                       
Friends and painters die
                                  (or you do)
Then decades decay
And remnants remain
Orange to brown,  again.

I remember, rich fuschia pink
I wonder why I did not like pink.

Quiller Irvine.


  1. I love this poem Quiller, especially the lovers' "indigo moment". So true. Thanks for sharing this with us... it has made me wonder, too, why I always said I didn't like pink.


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