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She watched as Strider turned the corner. It was raining, but that didn't seem to bother him. She reckoned that nothing ever bothered him really. She moved away and glanced around the living room. God, it was dull in here, she thought. The grey weather didn't help but the place sure could do with brightening up. She picked up a magazine that had been spread, and left largely unread, on the sofa for at least a week and in a fit of decisiveness threw it on the recycling pile. She walked back to the window and searched for Strider but he was gone. She strained up on her tip-toes to see if she could catch a glimpse of head or shoulder through the bushes and railings gamboling on up the hill. But that perennially walking man was out of sight. Long gone. Suddenly, she felt the irrational urge to go out into the street and confront him. Why does he walk around the town all day? Where does he go? Where does he live? Who is he? She figured he wasn't homeless. He looked healthy eno

Where do socks go?

I lost a sock again today That isn’t what I meant to say. My grammar, somewhat imprecise, Suggests I lost the same sock twice. For though I searched (and mildly cursed), I didn’t ever find the first. Which antecedent must perforce Recur before more loss (of course). But now tautology’s set in, I don’t know what’s the worser sin. (Should that be which not what? I wonder), And what about that other blunder? Which is badder, what or worser? More worse which or vice versa? Nad now my spleling’s gone to cock And all because my sodding sock Has disappeared, but is it lost Or just mislaid?   Has it been tossed By careless hand to land unseen Where vacuum cleaner’s never been? Some dusty gap behind the door? Or simply fallen on the floor Between the drier and the sink To lie in darkness?   Whadd’ya think? Again, I lost a sock today, But I shall have to let it lay, Oh, h