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Lost Weekend by Jeff Nazzaro

The Green Line train was late, and when it finally came you had to squeeze in and hold your breath. At Harbor Freeway, only a couple of people got off, and then a morbidly obese man wedged himself on, turning in the doorway and telling the few people remaining on the platform, “There’s another train two minutes behind this one: just wait.” The doors closed in their faces. The train rolled west, then the operator announced, “Due to police activity, this train will not be stopping at Vermont/Athens Station. The next stop for this train will be Crenshaw Station.” A man pulled out his earbuds and said, “Huh?” I told him. He said, “I’m going all the way to the end—Redondo Beach.” “Doesn’t matter then,” I said. He put his earbuds back in. A woman saw us talking. She pulled her earbuds out and said, “What?” I told her, too. She wasn’t getting off at Vermont, either. When the train slowed through Vermont/Athens Station, everyone looked out the platform-side windows. Uniformed

This Arrangement We Have by John Grey

Yours is a loveliness not just in lips and cheekbones but in that gentle fundamental some call the soul but I refer to as the watch dog making sure your eyes see the right people, your hands touch where the appropriate response awaits and your heart only falls in places where it will not be broken. Yours is a loveliness for which no explanation is needed unless you hear it first from me.  by John Grey

Sometimes We Kiss by R.H. Daniel

Harry Midnight trips to deserted Buddhist temples. Cheap pasta with beautiful views. Scrawny arms to match your weak assertions of wildly unbelievable exploits. We never kiss. Fortune Fantastical name, with fantastic stories: Your "wife", your "house", your hospital visits. Your OCD makes you a great host. You tell me you prefer silent sex. To my shame, sometimes we kiss.  I-van I-vouldn't A filthy message on a filthy website brings us together. A Hell's Angel/accountant with a penchant for cats and a casual approach to hygiene. As a sub you only have access to one set of lips. Sometimes you kiss. Roman After discovering our shared love of 90s pop culture, you charm me out of horrific period panties. A hot hipster with a serious gambling problem and a love of soft furnishings. Sometimes we kiss. Juan Car An incredible chef who never cooks for me. Hot and hard and fast and funny you live in a mausoleum to your grandparents and call me to cry