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Women In Horror Month

Do you like horror fiction? Is that your writing genre? February 2017 marks the 8th edition of Women in Horror Month (WiHM), an international initiative showcasing the underrepresented work of women in the horror industries.  At  you can find information about fun events in your area. These range from art projects to meet-ups, film screenings and performances taking place in various countries all over the globe including Australia, Japan, Germany, England, Scotland and the United States. Of course there are also literary projects dedicated to Women in Horror Month, such as the 5th annual WiHM issue of The Sirens Call . Check out  last year's issue including a story by one of our Cafe Aphra baristas, B.E. Seidl. And - worth knowing - if you want to promote your own horror writing project which will take place in February, simply use the hashtag #WiHM8 on Twitter or Facebook and take advantage of a readership of approximately 35,000 readers worldw

Poker with the Lads

See the fight last week? Oh yeah Brutal, kid's got a chance - I like The Mexican fella that should be Some scrap who's ordering the Pizza? That new girl in work? Fucking hell Barry'll be on it like gravy o’er a tattie! A flush beats a straight you Daft twat - hand us a beer Stan! Good man. I don't know why We are here or what we Are supposed to be doing But we are here and doing it For some shared reason though We don't know one another or Really wish to and there's no Money on the table. Why do they play  Poker for matches In prison On TV? by Alex McMillan