NFFD @ Cafe Aphra

So this Saturday is National Flash Fiction Day in the UK! 21st June is the summer solstice – our longest day of the year and our shortest night. It’s also the start of a period of ancient pagan festivities known as Midsummer (cf. Midsummer Madness, A Midsummer Night’s Dream...) and is associated with magic and mysticism. 

Here at Cafe Aphra we’ve decided to celebrate the occasion by devising our own magical NFFD writing challenge... Six writing prompts will be posted on Cafe Aphra throughout the day at the following times (British Summer Time):



Write your piece of flash fiction based on the prompt and post it as a comment. Keep it short and sweet – no more than 400 words but ideally less. See if you can write a story in 100 words, or even a few sentences!

So spread the word and get ready to write... and remember to check the site on Saturday for each prompt. Look forward to seeing you at Cafe Aphra for some Midsummer magic!


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