National Flash Fiction Day Challenge!

Greetings fellow Aphra-ites!

National Flash Fiction Day UK is almost up on us... the date has been set this year as this Saturday, 27th June.

You can check out the NFFD website here

As we have done in the past, at Café Aphra is running its NFFD challenge on the 27th and will be publishing writing prompts at regular intervals throughout the day for you to write up to 150 words on and post up as a comment.

We had some really lovely responses last year and people really enjoyed the immediacy and interactive nature of the day.

We will be posting writing prompts up at the following times (GMT) on the website:


You can do it from anywhere and you don't have to post your piece up at any particular time of day - if you want to post up a response to the 9am prompt at 3pm, that's fine!

We look forward to reading everyone's responses on Saturday - here's to a flash flood of sudden fiction! We hope you have fun with it.

Happy writing,

Café Aphra


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