Remember, remember, the month of November...

Today is the 1st of November and for many people the beginning of what is now a well established institution in the worldwide writing community... NaNoWri month!

November has been 'National Novel Writing Month' for several years now and has produced spectacular results for many writers in need of an extra push to just get that baggy first draft finished.

Here at Cafe Aphra, we offer our own take on NaNoWriMo via the Cafe Aphra November Challenge... (drum roll, please!)

Essentially, this is the same idea but we just prefer to offer people a bit more flexibility in terms of setting their own writing goals, whether total word count, daily word count or something else entirely. Writing a novel is a highly personal experience and 50,000 words in 30 days in not necessarily be the right challenge for everyone. 

We still think NaNoWriMo is a fabulous idea, however, and a really admirable institution - so we would encourage all our readers who are currently struggling to make the progress they would like on their current writing project to get involved!

Would you like to sign up to the full 50,000 words in a month via the NaNoWriMo page? If so, GOOD LUCK from all of us here and let us know how it goes - keep us posted via the comments box or via email! If not, perhaps you would like to have a think about what your own personal writing goal could be for this month and share it with us? 

We will enjoy hearing from you about how things are going on your own November Challenge and cheering you along the way!


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